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Register your interest if you want to buy cycling clothes 

 This is what we usually buy in clothes

From orders of club uniforms for the 2019 season.

Contact Magne: mob. 95982155  // 
Jacket with windproof front  Kr. 887.50, -
Winter jacket            Kr.1686,25, -
Short sweater              Kr. 665, -
Shorts             Kr. 767.50, -
Long pants u / ped        Kr. 1312,50, -
Trousers w / pad.       Kr. 1440, -
3/4 Knickers with braces   Kr.812,50, -
Short gloves.          Kr 312,50, -
Wind vest              Kr. 887.50, -
Lycra shoe cover          Kr. 312.50

Prices are with VAT, subject to typos.

These garments are in stock at old prices.
long trousers with pad size XL and L
winter jacket size M
jacket with windproof front size.L
these can be downloaded  at Magne. 
mob. 95982155

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